Welcome to my little self-hosted website! It's a landing page for some of my server's services but you'll probably be most interested in my portfolio linked below. There you should find the content I produce and my contact info.

Server specs

OS: Devuan Ceres
Connection: 100/10 Mbit
CPU: Intel i7 3770 @ 3.4GHz
- WD Blue 500GB (System)
- Seagate 3TB (Data)
UPS: APC BackUPS 300

Currently serving as a:
NAS, Caching DNS server, Web Server, Seedbox, ZeroNet node, TeamSpeak server, VPN and basically a GNU/Linux playground!

Check out my portfolio!
What I do with my free time

Check out my papes!
No people, no inspirational quotes, no bullshit

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Who's in front of my door?

🔒︎ Access my files!
What resides on my old Seagate?

That's it for now!