Welcome to funky.progr.am, a personal website hosted on my little home server. As this server gets more uses, this website will expand too. For now, it's just used as a home for my portfolio and this server's public services.

If you found this site through a link credited in some of my works, you'll probably be interested in the portfolio linked below. Otherwise feel free to...

Check out my funky home server:

CPU: Intel Core2Duo 4300 @ 1.8GHz
RAM: 3GB DDR2 (+1GB Swap)
- WD Blue 500GB (System)
- Seagate 3TB (Data)
UPS: APC BackUPS 300
OS: Devuan

It's currently used as a:
NAS, Caching DNS server, Web Server, Seedbox, TeamSpeak server, VPN Provider and basically a GNU/Linux playground!

Check out my portfolio
What I do with my time

Check out my filez & warez
Although you need a password for this :/

That's it for now!